Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Location Based Mobile: Location Location Location! What Makes Sense for Real Estate May NOT Be the Magic Bean for Mobile Advertising

Today on Chief Marketer, Conversant Mobile GM Kurt Hawks provided an important reminder that consumer insight and not location should be at the center of your mobile strategy. My favorite lines from the piece say it all:

A consumer’s purchase history and interests are the best predictors of future shopping behavior, not their location alone. Think about it. A vegan is probably not the best target for a butcher shop no matter how close that person is to the meat-slicer. Purchase and interest data give advertisers the critical insights necessary to use location data intelligently. So they can find the committed carnivores in the appropriate proximity around the store instead of the herbivores leaning against the window.

In digital we have a tendency to seek simple answers to complex questions. As Kurt notes, location can be a valuable component of a larger targeting strategy focused on genuine consumer insight.

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