Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Perspectives and Swear Jars

Buzzword Bingo can be a rather frustrating thing for marketers trying to master every essential aspect of digital. Because personalization is such a hot topic, my boss Scott Eagle, CMO of Conversant, has issued his own take on what "personalized marketing" really means.

There are so many companies promulgating self-serving definitions that Scott decided to put a stake in the ground and put forward a comprehensive definition. This impassioned argument is provocatively titled "What the *!X&! does "personalized marketing really mean?" It's enough for me to put a quarter in the swear jar! ;-) But it's all to make an important point. 

In order to get maximum benefit from one-to-one marketing, we need to be vigilant in ensuring that whatever solution we choose truly delivers on the promise of personalization. That's what this paper is all about. 

Its a good and thought provoking read. Find the paper on SlideShare or our website

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