Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's Digital Marketing Headlines - June 8, 2012

Major Companies

Major reorg atTwitter
New head of ad sales at Twitter

The strategy behind FB's new app Center

GOOG's first tablet debuts this month

FB rolling out simplified Mobile Payments

Adwords now connected with AdMob – big increase in Google mobile ad scale

Start Ups

Check out Eventster, an iPad app for crowdsourced event discovery

Thomson Reuters acquires Apsmart top fill out their mobile offerings

SocialFlow offers new tools to identify Tweets worthy of promotion for brands

Agencies and Brands

Sign of things to come: New Jack Daniels site ready for any viewing platform


Companies using social to track and follow up on brand mentions

I'm not entirely sure why people think this new Pepsi campaign is groundbreaking…though Nicki Minaj = good thing.

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