Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pre-Roll Type-Ins From Solve Media

I am a litle ashamed to admit that while I love Solve Media and the people that run it, I wasn't aware that they had a pre-roll product out there. Until I saw one "in the wild." Solve, which pioneered Captcha advertising, has extended their model to enable consumers to type in a brand message in lieu of watching a pre-roll ad.

If you are like me, you tolerate :30s on long form online video. It seems like a fair trade. But when I am just trying to watch a 20 second clip on Hulu or something, the idea that I have to watch a :30 to get to the :20 of content seems absurd.

Essentially, the TV model has about 1/3 of Primetime devoted to ads these days. Sometimes a bit less. But if I have to watch a :30 to see a :20, that means that 60% of total media time is spent with ads in that instance. Ridiculous.

The type-in corrects that phenom, and gets a brand message remembered. Watch their video to see more:

Solving the Pre-Roll Blues from Solve Media on Vimeo.

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