Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simplifying the Display Landscape

I wanted to draw your attention to something that was published on iMedia Connection this AM. Penned by Dave Yovanno of Mediaplex, it describes a new vendor neutral tool that they developed to help marketers get a better understanding of the Display industry, the classes of vendors, who does what, etc. I won't paraphrase the article, but do read it. It points out some of the communications issues of our industry, and the tool itself is very helpful as a starting place for understanding which end is up in Display. 

The other reason I like the tool so much is that I know that Dave developed it in conjunction with Justin Fibich, a former Catalysta and now a rising sales star at "The Plex." I have no economic connection to Mediaplex, so don't think this a self serving shill. 

But I do think it says something about them that they developed a vendor neutral tool just to help further understanding of the Display space among marketers and agencies. Yes, yes, they do benefit when Display gets more attention. But anything that helps take some of the absurd complexity out of this ridiculously overcomplicated industry is a real public service in my book.

I also envy them a little their ability to simplify the morass of solutions into such a simple illustration. While I flatter myself that I know a ton about Display, I could NEVER have created such an elegant, succinct, eminently helpful tool. 

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