Thursday, May 3, 2012

Industry Links for 05032012

Hello all, playing with format for the next few days...trying to experiment with organization and themes.

Industry Links for 05032012


New Facebook custom action links Timeline feature will be great for brands

Brands question FB ad efficacy                 

Consumer Reports parent CU calls out FB privacy in full page print ads

Check out Zynga's new brand pitch for Draw Something!

YouTube commits $200Mil in support of new premium channels



Curated shopping site OpenSky hits 1.5M members

Evernote gets $70M MORE at $1B valuation

LifeStreet nabs $66M                                  



Check out this Nielsen research about changing video consumption habits and what platforms are growing in importance



Is Kindle Fire like Christmas fruit cake?

Me likey intriguing but possibly totally incorrect rumors: Arianna wants to buy back HuffPo from AOL

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