Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 totally incorrect predictions for 2012

1.      Courtney Stodden will…sign a $7.8 million dollar contract with The Talbots.

2.      Sheldon and Amy will…conceive during October Sweeps.

3.      HBO Real Sex will…live up to its name.

4.      Adrien Brody will…choose The Dry Look.

5.      The Occupy Movement will…sign corporate sponsors.

6.      Nikki Minaj will… endorse Mitt Romney for President.

7.      iPhone 5 won’t… sell well.

8.      Fox will… focus on “hard news”.

9.      Fabio will… play Mr. Darcy.

10.   Calista Gingrich will…get a perm.

11.   Kim Kardashian will… tour the country advocating for girls’ self esteem.

12.   Posh will…do an infomercial for “natural look” makeup.

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