Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 tech startups that wowed us

The market is stuffed with fascinating digital marketing startups doing everything you can think of, and a bunch of things you couldn't even think of. In this midst are a collection of outfits focused on solving your digital marketing problems. Find your problem below and check out the company focused on solving it.

How can I do more mobile advertising without all the creative hassle? With Celtra you can build amazing mobile rich media units lickety-split. Celtra's platform enables creative teams to make ads that do exactly what you want them to, but without the cost and complexity of finding mobile dev experts or versioning for all the various platforms. The platform easily integrates video and other rich formats with the stuff that makes mobile so effective -- location, time of day, multiple types of interactivity, and long-term engagement. Ads can run in-app and on the mobile web across top ad networks, premium publishers, and DSPs. A built-in analytics package gives you a broad range of stats across your entire campaign to prove performance and drive more effective optimization.
How can I get my marketing material translated quickly and efficiently? Cloudwords offers a first-of-its-kind technology platform and community of carefully vetted translators to get you up and in market quickly and efficiently. Brands post a project and receive proposals from translators in the community. You can check out their work, read and post ratings, and choose a vendor that fits the bill for you. Built-in project management capabilities make it easy to collaborate, track, and warehouse the localized content. Vetted translators, competitive bidding, and no more files with names like WebsiteCopy-German-Version27-FinalFinalFinal.doc.
How do I become part of passionate consumer conversations online? Amplify Social combines social, mobile, and online display in order to create high reach, high engagement brand interactions. Its core offering thus far is the Virtual Fan Network, which places brand messages within the context of sports discussions wherever they occur in digital media. Sports are unique in both the reach and depth of consumer interest that they inspire. The network offers its sports team and player clients a platform through which they can connect with their fans across digital media. Product marketing messages are integrated into and carried along with these highly portable discussions, providing the scale as well as the association benefits of working with sports brands.
How can I encourage more positive social recommendations for my brand? Zuberance offers a  platform that empowers brand fans to more easily rate, comment, and distribute their praise across the web. Zuberance starts with your CRM or other database, and then asks your passionate enthusiasts to tell their stories, make comments, or provide service ratings. From there, Zuberance gives the brand fans the opportunity to place their comments in one or more high-traffic review environments. Zuberance doesn't pay people for positive comments, so they preserve brand credibility as they help your fans spread the word and be an organic part of your brand marketing team.
How can I make my site direct buys more powerful and efficient? Legolas bills itself as the first audience futures marketplace, using a unique media sales platform to help brands and agencies buy audiences in advance from publishers they like and trust. Most brands buy some inventory site direct to capitalize on great audiences and custom solutions. But for pub direct, you generally had to choose ROS or context. Many brands want the premium association without the waste inherent in ROS or context. Use Legolas to set audience characteristics, frequency, budget, flighting, and a ceiling media price with platform guidance. Legolas estimates the available reach within the marketplace, and the buyer then pushes the specs to publishers. After publisher bidding, Legolas suggests the optimal plan that the buyer can adjust. Brands buy or manage through the platform without meetings, faxing, and unnecessary back and forth. Additionally, you can plan budgets, make adjustments, and review measurement.
How do I get more business from local search listings? Yext makes a local business's listings stand out by adding additional pieces of information so that consumers notice one listing over others and are more likely to convert. Using Yext, the business can manage multiple listing presences from a single venue, and even monitor online reputation across social media with email text alerts. With Yext, a business listing can be supplemented with a "verified" logo, offer promotions, an additional URL, photos, and business hours, and get tracking and reporting across social sites. Additionally, Yext optimizes listings for mobile search.
How do I drive better results from my e-commerce site? EyePredict is a company that uses predictive attention software based on neuroscience to dynamically arrange items on your pages for maximum results. Whole industries have been created to help physical stores plan layout and display assortment. In the digital front, great strides are being made. The EyePredict solution generates thousands of possible layouts and then selects the one that will maximize results. In contrast to eye tracking evaluations, which have limited scalability and require expert interpretation, EyePredict optimizes layouts automatically and delivers them seamlessly to the consumer while the page loads.

How can I get a great referral program for my brand up and running quickly and easily?
Everyone knows referral programs work, but most of us grimace at the amount of work they can take to implement and track. Extole promises to turn frowns upside-down. One service offering lets you custom brand your program and easily deliver rewards that encourage customers to tell your story to their friends. Extole delivers your message in Facebook, Twitter, email, and on blogs. It manages fulfillment by delivering the rewards of your choice -- custom gift cards, PayPal payments, or branded service credits. Extole also offers services to enable turnkey sweepstakes to grow your fanbase.
How do I get real experiential brand impact in social media? Social advertising not only needs to be compelling but it also needs to fit seamlessly into the flow of the game or any social activity. Why? Because you want your ad to be more than a speed bump on the way to "my farm." MediaBrix simplifies the creation, buying, measurement, and refinement of campaigns in social environments across a footprint of more than 500 million users globally -- almost 200 million in the U.S. Through the MediaBrix platform, marketers can target an audience, outsource creative development, book a campaign across multiple social venues, receive ongoing creative optimization, view consolidated reports, and gather actionable insights. The MediaBrix Social Flex solution is fully integrated into social experiences and offers compelling, sharable, high-impact experiences designed to create brand advocacy.
How can I simplify the process of planning, placing, and optimizing social network advertising? Adaptly offers an integrated platform for the purchase of social media advertising across communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. Instead of using multiple self-service platforms, you use the offering to make all your purchases across the platforms and ad formats. What's more, reporting is in real time, and in an integrated interface. No more staring at incongruous graphs and charts wondering what they mean. Optional auto optimization helps improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and extend those learnings across multiple communities.

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  1. Thanks for this list, Jim. This is exactly what I've been wanting to know...the names of some social media companies out there making their mark.


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