Friday, September 23, 2011

Start-Up Watch COD: Scayl Delivers “HDemail” That Enables Attachments of Unlimited Size

Today’s post is to tell you about a new service that you may find rather useful in your own professional and personal lives.
Scayl is a start-up out to “fix” email by eliminating many of the restrictions that impede it from being a great sharing platform for larger files.
While sending and receiving large files has long been a nuisance, the problems are only getting worse as richer and more high def content enters our daily lives. 10 years ago, a couple of megs was enough to activate firewalls in many companies. While most companies have raised their file size limits significantly since then, the reality is that the size of the sort of content files we might like to share are rising faster than the capacity of most email servers and platforms to process them.
This is particularly true given the ascendancy of video as a critical means of business and personal communication.
The Scayl system eliminates many of these issues by allowing a file to be downloaded from multiple sources and on a background, streaming basis. So if you want to send that home vid of baby’s first steps or that vid of your presentation from the last sales meeting, the recipient receives the file from any Scayl enabled computer that already has it. The more people who have the file, the faster it will be shared to the recipient. It’s a concept that you are familiar with if your ever did P2P file sharing.
Additionally, users can start viewing content like a video before the download is complete.
But there’s a lot more to this service than just that. Scayl also offers superior authentication and security layers that help reduce the threats of phishing and other sorts of attacks. It can also be used with the leading email clients, including Outlook.
Here’s the video of their pitch from last Fall’s DEMO competition.
Businesses can reduce server and file distribution costs with Scayl, while also beefing up their email security. For enterprise the benefits really kick in when a company is regularly sharing large files to many people. It appears that Scayl will be charging a modest annual fee per email account, with no charge for individual file shares.
Scayl facilitates delivery on a broad range of connected devices from PCs and Macs to tablets, set top boxes, HD TVs, and media servers. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Scayl is an ambitious outfit. By transforming email – the most familiar of online communication utilities – into something more useful, their efforts are likely to breathe additional life into what remains one of the most ubiquitous means of sharing content digitally.

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