Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Start-Up Watch COD: PowerReviews Helps You Make the Most of Customer POVs

Reviews really really really matter. They help people believe in your product or service. They get them over the hurdles to the thank you for buying page. And because the crude simplicity of a “buying funnel” is clearly rather a myth in the social age, they can be helpful on so many consumer touch points as people move from unaware to loyal buyer.

With PowerReviews, companies can leverage consumer-generated content across all relevant consumer contact points, so that conversion rates and revenue are at their maximum levels. Instead of focusing on a single path or consumer interaction type, they view the consumer communication process holistically and strategically deliver valuable customer reviews at every relevant time.

There are multiple products within the PowerReviews suite:

•Improved Reviews: This is definitely not just a solution that inserts a text box in places. Rather, the company has demonstrated that reviews can be made more impactful by letting consumers sort and consume them in specialized ways. These include the ability to see a brief review “snapshot”, to sort reviews by characteristics (like reviews from Moms like you), advice from people who are Verified Buyers, perspective from Staff Experts, sizing insight, and the ability to upload and examine your own photos or videos about an offering. They are able to provide this granularity because they collect structured versus totally open-ended content.
•In-Line SEO: Consumers seeking reviews in search engine queries are directed right to product pages versus landing pages that put an extra step between their searches and your thank you page.
•Facebook Onsite: This integrates social content into your pages so that consumers have ready access to friends’ POVS and the like.
•Mobile Reviews: Offers keyworded access to review summaries that are easily consumed on the “tiny screen.”
•Brand Share: Makes it easy to insert your reviews into the content pages of VARs and other sellers of your products.
•Answer Box: A service that provides answers to questions consumers submit. Verified Users and experts can answer visitor questions, and you get to monitor the results.
There is both automatic profanity monitoring and a second layer of manual content monitoring so you control what appears on your pages.

In addition to these products, the company also offers consultative sources and the opportunity to outsource moderation. They also offer bundles solutions for retailers, brands, small business, and Buzzillions participants.

Here’s a client testimonial to show you what THEIR clients think of the offering:

Major businesses rely on their platform and services, from Borders to Tumi to Dillards to National Geographic. In total, there are hundreds of major brand clients, indicating the depth, breadth, and reliability of their products and services.

I was very impressed by the offerings themselves and the thoroughness of the thinking that went into their development. I am a huge proponent of anything that can help major businesses and brands leverage and learn from social while also making execution turn key.

Part of their offering is to generate reports for different teams in your organization to deliver on the promise of two way communications with consumers. So you benefit from listening to what they have to say in addition to leveraging it to improve response rates.

Check out their website for more info and to avail yourself of some of their excellent research and case studies on the power and value of customer reviews!

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