Friday, May 13, 2011

Start-Up Watch COD: Admantx Redefines Targeting With Emotion

What makes content a great environment for ads? I think most of us would agree that all things being equal, context is beneficial, as is high quality edit. Nice design that ensures ad noticing value is also beneficial.

But what about emotional content and tone?

While the ideal emotional surround for your brand may vary, I ‘m certain that finding an appropriate match would boost results. Consider:

Editorial about the importance Moms play in our lives would surely boost the impact of a greeting card banner or vid.

An article about lonely puppies in shelters would motivate more of us to click on that Petfinder banner.

Content about the excitement of Fashion Week would likely make many a shopaholic more likely to interact with and click on a Saks ad.

But analyzing the emotional tonality of content is rather difficult when there are quadrillions of web pages out there. So I was very interested to learn about a company called Admantx, which provides greater intelligence as to the appropriateness of a given page of content for your messages. Admantx is a cloud-based platform that teases a tremendous amount of semantic meaning from web content.

Every sentence on a page is analyzed for five flavors of meaning:

Subject Matter: A noun is, to quote School House Rock, a person place or thing. Or a brand in our world o’commerce.

Category: Does the content relate to a particular class of advertised products? And if so, which one(s)?

Emotions: Is the content happy, sad, depressing, uplifting, etc. etc.?

Behaviors: By understanding the actions described on the page, the platform can offer a better match to products, brands, and categories.

Motivations: What are the underlying drivers?

Other companies offer some of these types of analysis. Where Admantx stands out is in its ability to supplement some of the rational analysis with rich emotional and motivational insights. This nifty graphic shows how the analysis of just one sentence wrings tremendous meaning from the words on the page.

Using all this information, Admantx delivers a better fit between the marketer’s message and the context in which it appears.

Here’s a vid that describes the value proposition.

One big advantage of this approach versus other targeting methodologies is that it is based upon an analysis of the page, not the person. As such, it bypasses all of the privacy issues that have been occupying a great deal of our thinking over the past months.

Admantx focuses its selling efforts on online publishers, social networks, ad networks and DSPs, who use the platform to:

Drive better response rates for their advertiser clients

Reexamine their “ROS” inventory to determine if it can be marketed and sold for higher rates

Analyze the emotional meaning of the content that they are producing so that they can adjust their editorial approach to attract more ad dollars

Monitor their content in real time on an ongoing basis

As such, it is a tool that can make a significant difference on how well sites, content and pages are monetized.

Thanks to ad:tech for publishing this first.

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