Friday, April 29, 2011

Start-Up Watch COD: Emdigo’s Get-It simplifies and streamlines mobile app distribution efforts

Once a brand or publisher has an app, the real battle begins: getting it in enough hands to deliver the impact it was intended to provide. But with hundreds of thousands of apps available, it can be hard to capture consumer attention. Brand use a variety of marketing channels to promote apps. But that breeds tremendous complexity into marketer efforts. Until now, according to Emdigo.

Emdigo’s “Get It” platform gives brands a simpler way to deliver app promotional messaging across a variety of consumer touch points. With Emdigo, all of these roads lead to a mechanism that lets the user download the app to virtually any mobile device. And do it quickly and virtually effortlessly. Let’s take a look at the many avenues in that Emdigo empowers brands to provide for their users:

Brands can use the Get It button on their web pages. A single click delivers the consumer to an interface that lets them type in a mobile number or send an email to their mobile device of choice. From there, the install process can begin. The screen even lets brands market other apps that might be of interest to the consumer.

Emdigo also offers online ad products including a Get It button that takes the user to the same downloading environment.

Users can also “Get It” from a Facebook page through the company’s social media offering.

For Print and TV, Emdigo can arrange for a brand to get a short code that gets the process rolling as well.

Get It emails can link to a web page that sells the app and allows one click start of the process.

Emdigo can also provide a QR code for additional consumer touch points where the format can be very powerful.

Here’s the how it works…

Emdigo and Get It are giving you more than just a set of links. Rather, they are facilitating better consumer and brand experience by automatically detecting the consumer device and checking to see if the app is compatible with it. If it isn’t, the platform can take them to a page with more information about the app, and how they might be able to get access to it from another device they own.

In addition to simplifying the dispersion of App marketing messages, Get It also offers a unified analytics platform that aggregates all activity from across your plan. No more cutting and pasting from separate reporting environments in order to get the complete picture. You can still analyze by distribution vehicle, but you can also take a macro cross platform view.

I’m glad a company is working to make this aspect of digital marketing simpler. One of the big reasons that mobile has not captured a greater share of marketing dollars is that execution can be so time consuming and labor intensive. If Get It does everything Emdigo promises, things just got a lot easier.

Thanks to ad:tech for publishing this first.

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