Friday, April 1, 2011

Start-Up Watch COD: Chango: Is it time for you to start Search retargeting?

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Ask virtually any marketer what the most effective marketing tactic they use is, and chances are they’re going to say Search. After all, if you can deliver a message when people are actively seeking info about your product – or even better, looking for a place to buy it – then the odds are pretty darned fine that you can make a sale.

It’s bottom of the funnel “I am ready to buy stuff” in many cases, which has great impact on DR response rates.

The issue with Search, though, has often been scale. Even with the tremendous reach of search leaders like Google and Bing/Yahoo, there is a limit to the number of people actively searching for your product today. Ergo, there a limited number of search results pages on which to appear. Add to that a CPC battle royal for top placement on those pages and the walls on search volumes close in.

The question is: How do you leverage the effectiveness of search related marketing across more prospects and customers?

A company called Chango has one interesting answer. They are focused on “search retargeting,” or the ability to target ads to searchers AFTER they have left the results pages of Google or Bing.

You visit Bing and search for an item. You get your results and off you go. That’s where Chango kicks in, delivering ads to you related to the category you searched for. These may appear on contextually relevant pages or on general interest pages. Because the focus here is on qualified audience first.

To use Chango, a brand imports its set of keywords to the platform, and Chango serves dynamic display ads to people who have recently searched for one or more of those terms. Whether or not you were the number one ranked sponsored search result on the page, Chango gives you the opportunity to powerfully communicate your offering to those searchers across the web. Chango can also accommodate multiple landing pages and the like.

Here’s their CEO telling their story:

Search Retargeting 101 from Chango on Vimeo.

With Chango, you don’t need to create banner ads for each keyword. Rather, the platform combines your search text with images that you upload, creating graphical ads using clean and clear templates.

To deliver ads against these searchers, Chango purchases qualified inventory on the major ad exchanges.

Publishers partner with Chango to increase the value of their inventory. Chango pays them on a CPC basis, and because the search retargeting yields highly targeted audiences, the pubs can drive higher yield from these impressions. Because Chango ads appear in the graphical ad spaces on a page, they can be used in conjunction with contextually targeted Ad Sense programs.

We all know that Search data is very valuable for bottom of the funnel efforts. With Chango, those efforts can be scaled up to reap more of that value.

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