Saturday, April 23, 2011

Start-Up Watch COD: Adventive raises the bar on in-banner interactivity with drag and drop app integration

Banners are a much maligned advertising medium, and not without reason. Click rates for standard gif or Flash banners are just a hair above zero, and there appears to be validity to the idea of consumer banner blindness. Good creative, of course, can combat those sobering facts. Some online advertising delivers gangbuster clicks and the like. But good creative is easier said than done in a little square and a 30K max.

Another approach to improving results from banners is to bake in more functionality and interactivity. When there are more ways to interact, there is generally more consumer attention and interaction. A company called Adventive has developed a platform that enables marketers and agencies to capitalize on high quality creative executions with powerful interactive apps that can be drug and dropped into the units.

Functionalities like data collection in a banner aren’t new. But what Adventive does is offer template DIY versions of the best such technologies within a platform that makes it easier and cheaper to create and modify app-enabled banners. So for example, a brand could contract with an agency to design templates for lovely banners, and then have a different team of less expensive people build in app functionalities.

By leveraging multiple apps, the brand can create ads that eliminate the need for site redirects. Without getting engineers involved, you can offer a banner that:

•Collects a lead
•Requests a zip code and then delivers localized offers
•Offers multimedia
•Provides multiple pages of content
•Delivers traceable incentives to attribute sales more accurately

Brands can benefit by reducing costs and time required to field and modify creative. Agencies can shift some of the work of making and modifying banners away from expensive designers and art directors while still offering clients great creative.

Adventive ads are IAB compliant, and hundreds of sites have certified them for use on their pages. The list of certifying sites is growing. Adventive is a SaaS solution, minimizing initial outlays for brands and agencies alike.

Thanks to ad:tech for publishing this first.

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