Friday, March 4, 2011

COD: OneScreen is working to bring the video ecosystem togetha

Thanks to ad:tech for publishing this first.

Sometimes it seems like video is everywhere. But it isn’t. And the widely touted democratization of video content means lots more creative people can make a killing on ad supported content. It’s not so simple. And sometimes people tout the dramatic increase in the amount of premium video content as an indication that brands can get however much they want, whenever they want it. But that’s not true either.

How ever much we want to make the digital CW an either or proposition, the world of video is definitely not so compartmentalized and “tidy.”

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of brands, sites, and content owners that go wanting, at least as far as video goes. And to help fill the gap, there is OneScreen. OneScreen connects content owners with advertisers and distributors, helping everyone get more opportunity – and revenue -- from video.

On some level it may sound simple, but video is a VERY different bird. Somebody owns the content, which is very often NOT the person or entity that puts it in front of consumers. Further, the financial relationships between all these companies are governed by a labyrinth of rev share agreements and licensing fees. But wait! There’s more: a player landscape to navigate, and of course advertisers to sign who are anxious to ensure that the content they associate with is brand appropriate. Who has the right to sell to those advertisers? If the site sells an ad, and the content owner sells an ad, are the rev shares the same? And if an ad network sells the ad, how does the split work then?

But OneScreen is not a monetization platform like a Freewheel, rather they are facilitating relationships. OneScreen is a neutral party, sitting on top of the current video ecosystem, including pubs, brands, content owners, and service providers like Freewheel. Because of this position, their ability to transparently connect (and provide reporting for) all the major players impacted by video in a transparent manner is allowing more video content to be created and leveraged in more places. Integrations are at the heart of their platform.

 Professional producers of content about specific categories, verticals, and topics, can use OneScreen as their content management and syndication system- to make their content available to a set of sites they approve, and make it available to advertisers interested in those niches.

 Advertisers get an easy way to pair their marketing with specialized content, or distribute their own branded entertainment. They work with ad networks for video distribution as well.

 Publishers get access to professionally-produced video and a selling mechanism that helps them monetize it more effectively. They also receive all the tools to integrate video across their properties, whether they are widgets, pages, or entire sites.

OneScreen’s vision is far broader than just online video. They are seeking to create an environment in which any organization – from a pub to a gas station – can get video – and revenue -- whenever they want it, and on any device. According to OneScreen, their solution can help an extremely broad range of companies.

One thing for certain, video is going to end up in a lot more places in the next several years. And OneScreen hopes to be a leading player in getting the right video in the right places so publishers, advertisers, content producers, and ultimately audiences, can all win.

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