Wednesday, February 2, 2011

COD: Tapzilla - quick app distribution with a Groupon style free lunch model

Win win all around. A service called Tapzilla provides a way for developers to get their new apps into lots of hands quickly, and delivers free apps for app fanatics at the same time.

It’s all pretty simple really, and once again I feel the total idiot for not thinking of it myself.

The consumer model bears a striking resemblance to Groupon, except that this works out to be free in the end. You sign up and get a daily email or visit the site for free access to the app of the day. You go to iTunes to buy it. Then once its downloaded, you shake the app, type in the Tapzilla offer code, and you get a refund of the purchase price in the form of an itunes gift card or a Paypal credit.

I know of a number of people who have developed or are in the process of developing new apps; because of the glut and clutter, distribution and marketing are a particular challenge even when there is enough revenue to offer a strong bounty per customer. Tapzilla meets this need and helps app freaks get their fix of something new and valuable daily.

Getting high app sales on those first days of distribution can mean the difference between success and failure. It has been widely reported that making the top apps list on iTunes multiplies your sales rate but good, and gives you the critical momentum to keep going and growing.

Since these members are app superconsumers, I would expect that their propensity to viral is quite high.

Lots of installs for you, free stuff for them. Win win all around.

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