Monday, February 7, 2011

COD: Fiverr – Oh, the things people will do for a finspot

One of the wonderful things about democratized media is that it gives a voice and platform to more than a billion people. And while an agency on Mad Ave might not touch an account with less than $5MM in spend, there are bazillions of people aching to do things for your brand for just $5.

How do I know this? Because I just visited, a magically bizarre community where people tell you what they are willing to do for just $5.

These people have an awesome PR person/agency in that they have stories in all the major media outlets.

The activities people are willing to perform fall into a really broad range of categories:

Social Marketing
Music & Audio
Fun & Bizarre
Tips & Advice
and more.

Make no mistake, this would definitely fall into the guerrilla marketing category, and some of the suggestions cross the spam/PPP line. But others offer interesting ideas on how to do some grass roots community marketing. It’s an anything goes community, so you will have to pick and choose.

But isn’t it worth $5 to see if someone can write you an awesome radio spot?

Now naturally a lot of these people are hoping you will love their five dollar service so much that you will give them a proper engagement. And how great is that for all parties involved.

To participate, you accept sellers’ offer, pay them with credit card or Paypal, and then see the results of their efforts. You then get two days to ask the person to make any changes.

As I said earlier, marketing offers are just a small part of this quirky community. Check out some of the other areas on offer. Here are some examples of the programming services on offer.

Not much ventured…is there a lot to be gained? I don’t know, but I think it’s worth a flutter — err, fiver to find out.

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