Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ZunaVision: Right Concept, But Is It The Right Set of Videos???

There's a fascinating new ad concept called Zunavision that enables the producers of UGC videos to insert ads into their content and, it is thought, earn money. Zunavision is a project of Stanford, and a cool project it IS.

First, let's let them tell their story. Here's a compelling video on the concept:

Here's a set of examples:

This is clearly cool stuff, though I think the real value is for professional rather than UGC content. Since relatively few advertisers are willing to advertise in UGC video in formats that are separate from the unvetted content, it is unlikely (at least in my view) that they will be paying to actually be embedded in the content.

But don't think that I don't love the concept. I really do. This is cooler than cool. Just not for UGC.

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