Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ViewScore: Get Aggregated Ratings On The Products You Want to Buy

When making a considered purchase more and more people now rely on online reviews and recommendations before they decide what to get. Of course, one of the realities of doing this is that we are influenced only by the ones we see and find.

ViewScore is a service that helps improve the quality of information we consider by aggregating millions of online reviews by product to generate an aggregate score.

When you have decided what you want, the site provides information like a shopping comparison site, offering you the best pricing.

Here's how they describe their own offering:

ViewScore provides online shoppers with a comprehensive shopping decision-making tool. ViewScore's product search-engine provides shoppers with aggregated product reviews and simple and easy-to-follow product recommendations, aiming at helping potential shoppers answer the essential question of "what to buy".

We founded ViewScore because we wanted a solution that would help us make product purchase decisions without reading tens of product reviews for each product being considered. ViewScore provides .product recommendations in the same manner a highly knowledgeable friend might. Once we identified this market need, we set out to develop a solution that could compare two or more products on a level playing field so that the prospective customer could make an educated purchase decision. We have launched ViewScore because we have achieved our goal of creating an easy-to-use yet comprehensive product comparison engine which provides advice to any individual user.

ViewScore searches the web and finds reviews from thousands of leading sources including CNET, Tom's Hardware Guide, PC World, PC Magazine, and more..
These product reviews are processed through the company proprietary artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology. ViewScore's technology assigns a numerical product review score between 1-100 for each review, and then provides the user with an aggregated product review score based on all of the reviews for each product.

Users can then drill down further and dive into individual product reviews to learn more about each product and the reviewer's opinion and refine their product search to focus on specific product attributes. ViewScore.com also enables the user to click and find "where to buy" from one of ViewScore.s merchant partners, or go
directly to a merchant site to purchase the product of their choice.

There's even a pricing filter that lets you set a max price so that, for example, you won';t get screen filled with $9,000 pro cameras when what you want is a point and shoot pocket sized.

Presumably there's is a rev share model, and online retailers might do well to get a deal going with them.

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