Friday, December 12, 2008

Sugar’s Shop Sense Debuts

You may have seen that earlier this month Sugar debuted what is essentially an affiliate marketing program that lets individual bloggers generate revenue by referring readers to commerce sites. The ERROR_1">ShopSense program works on any major blogger platform, but is especially suited to their OnSugar blogger offering. R>
By featuring links, content, widgets, and text on their pages, individual ">bloggers can generate revenue when their readers buy.

The ShopSense site section offers more details, but Sugar is essentially incenting users to do more than just slap a widget on a page. Users are given access to visual assets so they can make posts about specific assets, talk about sales prices, and otherwise feature items.

I like the idea of a program like this – somehow this seems less like PPP than some other offerings given that this is fashion and bloggers are likely to have a strong interest in featuring fashion and beauty content anyway. By participating in the program, they simply make it easier for their readers to get this look. And the Sugar store has such a broad range of items that bloggers will be able to find content especially suited to their pages.

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