Monday, December 15, 2008

MakeFive: Social Networking Through Lists, Shared Interests And Opinion

Tell the truth: when was the last time you spent more than 90 seconds on MySpace. More of you make purposeful use of FaceBook, but the idea that social networking is fun for a time but loses steam is still valid for many people.

Enough with the poking and vampires. It's time to exchange views in a fun and engaging way. At least that is the premise of MakeFive, a site that is driving discussion and relationships by asking people to share views with top five lists.

Lists, you say? What's the fun in that? Plenty. In my decidedly nonscholarly way, I trace the rebirth of lists to Letterman, whose top ten lists are frequently viraled by tens of thousands on the morning after.

But the premise of MakeFive makes that idea democratic. As a member you can make top five lists about anything -- and the more interesting and provocative the better.

Here's their concept video from Tech Crunch.

Essentially, you create a concept and put in your faves. Then others visit it and make their own choices. The wheat (or chaff) rises democratically to the top.

Here's the current vote at the time of this writing for the votes on the most evil people in the world:

And here's the list for Biggest Douchebags in Sports:

The site takes advertising and offers some interesting ways to customize and target messages. From their site:

How ads work on MakeFive
MakeFive allows you to reach people who want to hear about your offering, by customizing your ad placement to specific interest categories. The site's clean design associates your organization as a premium brand, while avoiding any distracting clutter for the user. MakeFive is an addictive site, which attracts repeat visits due to the compelling nature of its user-generated content.

Types of service
MakeFive gives advertisers the opportunity to integrate custom campaigns that reach specific users, and the option of using existing Google Advertising Programs. We also assist advertisers in making special offers available to users. In the future, we will offer customized analytics data and rank assistance.

It's quite fun and energizing. And the targeting options are definitely interesting and intriguing. Check it out today!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the post and comments about MakeFive. We're always happy to hear about people finding the site enjoyable!

    We'll be introducing a series of improvements tomorrow that we're hoping users will like. First off are a set of simplifications to the user interface and design.

    More importantly, we'll be providing more options for the display of personalized lists. This will include extended lists (with permalinks) where individuals can make notes on why they've made their selections.

    But... the part we're most excited about is the new widget we've developed. It's a really simple little tool that will allow you to grab any top-five list and display it on your site or blog. It also allows you to pick whether you want to show the community's picks on a topic, or your own.

    Well, I suppose I should get back to it. Thanks once again for your post, and I hope you like the updates!

    All the best,



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