Monday, December 15, 2008

Green Semantic Search: Truevert

The world of semantic search is getting more crowded, and a new entry, Truevert, is taking the concept in a powerful and interesting new direction. Their first offering, Truevert, is a search offering focused exclusively on green issues, and combines semantics with the idea of a baseline interest. It says that rather than finding s search result for an average person without the help of knowing their interest areas leads to results that are irrelevant to many people.

Here's how they describe themselves.

Product overview

The goal of Truevert is to provide users with information that is focused on their interest. Truevert provides a scalable, accurate, and powerful search technology that learns the meaning of language the same way people do - by it's context.

This version of Truevert is focused on green, environmental awareness. All searches are done from the point of view of environmental and social concern. The results are obtained from YAHOO BOSS. They are then organized and clustered by Truevert. If you search for the word "carbon" for example, it knows that you want information about carbon's impact on climate change, not its physical chemistry. What's most surprising, is that the Truevert search engine learned all this in less than one hour on a single server with no ontology, taxonomy, or thesaurus.

For a video intro, see their elevator pitch from Tech Crunch:

Truevert also offers green news and opinion selected for relevance.

I don't know what goes on under the hood of semantic search but this concept makes a lot of horse sense, at least in my eyes. Give it a whirl, it works rather well. I am sure this is just of the first of the semantic vertical search products emanating from here. If your reaction is as positive as mine, they are in for a great future.

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