Monday, December 15, 2008

Discover Multivariate Ad Testing With SnapAds

We all know that ad testing can make a big difference in engagement and response rates -- but in the past it has been an arse chapper -- so much creative was necessary at such a high cost that most clients and agencies sort of skate around the elephant in the living room out of expediency.

SnapAds is out to change this set of circumstances with a system that automates much of the development of dozens or even hundreds of versions of creative so that the critical task of optimization can truly take place, and in a manner that can make a huge difference for the brand.

Essentially you upload a bunch of gif, jpg or animations and the SnapAds system creates every conceivable combination of text, graphics, offers, and buttons. Once you are satisfied with your test set, you field the campaign and the SnapAds system goes through the laborious (or used to be laborious) process of in market testing of all of these options, rapidly improving your results until the system has identified the optimal set of ads to drive the action you desire. If different ads work in different creative types, that is also revealed in the process.

Here's the way they describe themselves:

Display Ad Optimization
Getting display advertising to perform can be hard. Standard banners offer an untargeted, "one size fits all" message. How can you increase the relevancy and performance of your campaigns without any additional work?

SnapAds is an easy-to-use service that increases the performance of display advertising by optimizing the content of an ad on-the-fly. By continuously testing alternative designs, SnapAds increases engagement, click-throughs, and conversions.

Automatic Improvement
SnapAds automatically optimizes your campaign without any manual help. Set it up and watch it work in real-time.

Analyze Results
SnapAds doesn't just produce great results, it lets you see them in our reporting interface so you can learn what is working best in your campaigns.

Genetic Optimization
SnapAds goes beyond multivariate testing by using a genetic algorithm to optimize a large amount of permutations quickly and efficiently.

Ready in a Snap
SnapAds takes in files produced by Adobe Photoshop or Flash, so your creative team can use the tools they know best.

It's a very cool concept worthy of your time and attention.

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