Monday, December 15, 2008

Design Blox and Adroit: Powerful Solution For Versioning, Testing and Optimization

I just told you about SnapAds -- now let me tell you about DesignBlox, a Boston based company that offers a solution to help keep agencies focused on concepts and ideas, while automating the process of developing and executing hundreds of different ads within a campaign.

This platform also lets you do optimization, but a key part of their positioning is that their Adroit product lets you microtarget creative to specific opportunities -- be they targets, contexts, or behaviors.

The other great thing about this offering is that Judy Gern is CEO of this company. I had the good fortune of working with Judy several years ago, and was really struck by how she gets to the nut of a problem and proactively defines a solution. And she is clever and funny as all get out, excellent qualities in a technology partner. ;-)

The DesignBlox platform focuses on Flash ads and provides an ASP platform to instantly and dynamically alter those files for the versioning you need.

Here's how they describe their flagship product:

Adroit, powered by DesignBlox, is an ASP-based platform that allows advertisers to instantaneously alter components of Flash display ads in real time without having to redesign, rebuild or re-traffic an existing ad, allowing a single ad template to become unlimited versions of itself.

The platform can sequence messages based on any number of key behavioral variables that are defined by the user, and Adroit enabled ads can be populated via external databases or RSS feeds.

Can be used with any Flash display ad (including expandable and floating ad units)
Works with any ad server, publisher or network
Tracks unique users across multiple serving environments.

How Adroit Works

The power of Adroit begins with intelligent display ad templates, which are trafficked just like any other Flash ad. Our proprietary action scripting connects the templates to our web-based creative management system, enabling users to change ads manually in real time, dynamically compile ads based on behavior and business rules, and construct automated tests.

Adroit technology also includes A/B and multivariate testing capabilities that help to determine the effectiveness of individual ad components; including messaging and banner images.

As is clearly the vision behind this effort, Judy and her team know that as budgets have become larger online, the need for a more efficient way to version creative is BOTH acute and chronic. The DesignBlox solution is tailor made to address this key opportunity in an easy and cost effective way.

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