Wednesday, October 22, 2008

White Paper Wednesdays: Pew Study Assesses The Impact of Communication Tools and Technology on Families

The great people at the Pew Internet and American Life Project have just issued a great piece of research on the effects of technology and new communication tools on families. The study is absolutely fascinating, so go here and check it out. The findings may surprise you, as in this excerpt from the results summary:

While new communication technologies have increased the amount of time some people spend at the office or working from home, few people see them as having a negative impact on family closeness.

Indeed, 25% of our survey respondents feel that their family today is now closer than
their family when they were growing up thanks to the use of the Internet and cell phones, while just 11% say their family today is not as close as families in the past. A majority of adults downplay the impact of technology at all: 60% feel that new technologies have not made their family any more or less close than families in the past.

Lots of great data and real insight. Download away!

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