Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7-Eleven's Scientific Coffee Poll Shows Obama Ahead by 20 Points!

Always keen to find a hook, the team at 7-Eleven has come up with an innovative competition where customers reflect their political beliefs by putting their Joe in either a blue or red cup.

Well, apparently 7-Eleven's French Roast is Change We Can Believe In, because the current tally is 60% Obama, 40% McCain. Presumably the fine red state Americans are boycotting the coffee until 7-Eleven starts calling it freedom roast.

But as for the 20 point lead, all I can say is "Yay 7-Eleveners!"

Though rumor has it that McCain's cup suppression team is now filing an injunction in 5000 7-Elevens, especially targeting minority neighborhoods, and posting cup watchers who challenge every blue dispenser pull.

And Sarah Palin is hosting a cup burning at her upcoming rally.

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