Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zumanity Online: More Fun to Watch Than a Cross Dresser in Your Dad's Lap

I saw the Cirque du Soleil show "Zumanity" a couple of years ago, with my parents. One should always read the label before making a purchase decision. Not that I didn't enjoy the show. I did absolutely. But sitting next to one's parents during it, and especially (this is the gospel truth)having a cross dresser look out across the aisles at hundreds of people and select my father to give a lapdance to, was positively an otherworldly experience. My parents are not prudes by any means, but Zumanity is no slightly edgy production.

Because of this, I expect selling tickets is very different than selling them for Dralion or something. You've got to have some people aching to go, and others who walk out after three minutes. But what is plain is that the show is absolutely unique and incredibly produced, so ensuring a full and receptive house is a critical task.

And what better way to provide a taste of the program than the Internet, where a full range of sight sound and motion is possible on a "choose to watch" basis.

The Zumanity website provides just that. This rich and muiltilayered environment provides a tantalizing and accurate perspective on the show. It's like a window on a pasta box -- showing you what you are going to get. And the beauty of that is that with Cirque you truly get a lot. It must be rather challenging to really represent a production so awe inspiring as a Cirque online. Back when bandwidth was more limited, the Cirque site, like most entertainment sites, was pretty informational.

But now, through the enhanced interactivity made possible by new technologies and greater bandwidth, you can really give people a flavor of what they're getting.

Which is absolutely critical for a show as unique as Zumanity, and the crew at Cirque should be commended for making such an incredible online production. Which has, I might add, Shawn Rorick in the slot of Director of Marketing. Shawn also runs LVIMA, which I happily shill for whenever I can because it is a great organization.

I could post a pirate video here to show you the show, but that would be wrong. So let me direct you to their site which is loaded with such things.

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