Friday, August 8, 2008

YouBundle: Bookmarks 2.0?

I spotted the 60 second pitch of start-up YouBundle over on Tech Crunch, and decided to have a look. YouBundle offers an interesting additional layer on social bookmarking. It is designed to make bookmarks more useful by allowing users to bundle links together into a metaphorically mashed up piece of content about a subject.

The idea intrigues me because i collect links on a variety of topics, as well as refer to linked articles selected by others. I really do find it a step up in terms of getting the best insights on a subject. But one of the hassles is that links are like tens or even hundreds of separate sheets of paper on a desk. Without some way to find the best -- without some way to organize the best into subjects, it's difficult to truly make the most of them.

Enter YouBundle, a tool that lets you and of course everyone else group a set of links and package it as a content bundle for use by yourself and others. You don't need to limit yourself to articles; video and audio also work rather well, I am told.

So, for example, I have several hundred links on BT on a bookmark site. With this tool I could sort them into areas (tech, legal issues, privacy, competitors, mobile BT, funding announcements, etc.) and group them into a more useful whole. Now, stuff like my wonky interest in BT is not the real focus here, I don't expect, but it would work even better for mainstream interests.

Here's how their CEO pitched it:

I am intrigued. Haven't got my beta invite yet (I just applied) but it sounds like a nice advancement on something I have increasingly come to rely on.

Head on over to TC and give him an up arrow. It's a good idea.

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  1. Jim,

    Glad you are taking a look at YouBundle. We are doing significant community collaboration to iron or the features in the development process and would love to have some of your insights. If you haven't got your invite yet, put in your email again or drop me a note on the contact form and I will get one out right away. That holds the same for all of your readers as well.

    One feature that will really streamline the process is bookmark import from FF or Delicious and we expect to have that up and working shortly. Until then, you can sniff around and get a general feel for what we are doing and make a bundle or two. Once you get the hang of it, then it has been known to become quite addictive. On we go!


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