Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will Two Mommies and P&G Change the Face of Video Podcasting Audiences?

P&G is no stranger to video production. CBS's soap lineup is proof of that.

Want proof that P&G was a first mover in TV? Watch this:

BTW: The promo is from 2006 - they are well over 16,000 today.

And Procter is also no stranger to video. Of all the CPG companies, P&G is consistently in front with innovative web sites and advertising programs to reflect the changing media environment.

Well, their latest move is all digital, and it's a great idea.

Basically, they're taking the hottest W 18-49 podcast and taking it to video. MommyCast, a podcast with more than one million regular listeners, is extremely popular with Mothers across the country -- hardly the techy dude you might expect for 'casts.

Their show, a discussion of real world Mommy issues (diaper blowouts, anyone?)presented in an empathetic, "We've been there..." tone, is always entertaining, and this visual presentation promises to be a nice addition to the Two Mommies media empire.

Watch the promo:

Hey, Martha, hey Rachel Ray, it may be time to move ova'. Cuz these Mommies have star power. Oh, and audio only fans, the Mommies assure us that they will still do the audiocast.

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