Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Widgets: Coming to a TV Near You

Yahoo and Intel have announced an initiative that will bring widgets to the TV viewing experience. Here’s how Yahoo is defining these TV widgets:

TV Widgets are small Web applications that make it easy to surf your favorites sites with your remote control. Watch Web videos, track your favorite teams or stocks, interact with friends and family, or stay current on news and information by clicking on the compact, interactive apps that sit on top of your normal TV picture.

The web site for this offering, which essentially says that these services are coming soon, promises that its first widgets will be in the following areas:

Photo sharing (Flickr)

Only thing missing from that list of most popular web activities is email. I am guessing that’s on the way as well.

Intel and Yahoo have collaborated on TV initiatives before, but it is widely believed that those moves were just a bit too early for mainstream acceptance.

Methinks the market may be ready new.

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