Monday, August 18, 2008

Where Should You Go To Learn? Confabb Knows...

Not a day goes by when I don't receive a slick one pager for a digital conference. It can be a dilemma to figure out which ones give you the most bang for the buck.

At Catalyst, we stick primarily with the conferences put on by AdTech, iMedia, and Jack Myers. You're know what you're getting with these, and what you're getting is very valuable. But in other fields, or indeed if you are a specialist focused on specific segments of an industry, there are thousands of them out there.

Which ones make sense, and which are the best?

For those questions and more, Confabb is a great place to start. Confabb combines the web's most comprehensive listing of conferences on ANY subject with powerful social media tools that can make the conferences richer -- and ensure you don't end up at the time wasters.

Confabb is organized into a large number of categories:

Building and Construction
Computers and Internet
Engineering and Technology
Fashion - Textile
Food and Beverage
General Purpose
Health and Medicine
Information Technology
Natural Resources
Physical and Life Science
Recreation - Leisure - Entertainment
Social Science and Humanities

Within each area are subcategories. For example, the broad category of business includes:

Accounting (124)
Advertising (31)
Agriculture (126)
Banking (66)
CIS (1)
Corporate Performance (7)
Economics (54)
Energy (31)
Finance (194)
Franchising (73)
General Business (78)
Hospitality (27)
Human Resources (48)
Insurance (20)
Investment (288)
Management (227)
Manufacturing (142)
Marketing (356)
Mathematics (5)
Property Mgmt/Real Estate (161)
Public Relations and Advertising (123)
Retail (57)
Sales (86)
Security - Risk Management (282)
Six Sigma and Quality (14)
Supply Chain (30)
Transportation (77)
Transportation (36)
Travel and Tourism (223)
Travel and Tourism (156)
Utilities (8)
Visual Communication (14)

The number after each subcat is the total quantity of conferences tagged for that topic. It really is an amazing collection of info.

Conferences can be listed for free. But you have to thoroughly answer more than 20 questions, to ensure that the info is comprehensive. And useful to prospects.

When prospects and attendees register, they get access to:

Advanced Search
List of Attendees
List of Speakers
Schedules and Topics

And the social networking functions add a great deal as well. Registered users get to see photo streams, ratings, RSS feeds, side events, and a lot more

To make money, Confabb offers dedicated semicustom websites to better market the features, attendees, and speakers for a show. These dedicated sites can also help attract press and high profile speakers that will make your show virtually irresistible to attendees.

Confabb makes it a lot easier to find the right shows and meetings for you. Register and give it a try. Oh, and if you offer a conference, make sure you list it on the site.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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