Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two Footed Digicrest

One of the myriad great things about Ryan Digicrest aka Adam Bergman is posting courage. He puts up stuff I would never have the chutzpah to post.

Lest you think his blog is all fun and games, though, check out this post on the iPhone App Store. Nice stuff!

And as long as I am shilling for C:SF blogs, check out Digital Two Footed Tackles -- another rant on the i-culture. The best thing about Chris is the placid exterior surrounding a rich collection of pet peeves. I like obsession in people. But then you probably knew that given that I average about 40 posts a week here at OLDMTA. But seriously, Chris's perspective on the sheepy nature of marketing -- if an idea works in one place it must be a great idea in every category and every markeitng situation imaginable -- is spot on. A toast to the C:SF dojo (the dojo is two cubes in which we currently have about 7 people stuffed.

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