Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SnapTalent: A Different Take On Recruiting 2.0

A little while a go I wrote about Trovix, a semantic search product designed to better match candidates to potential job openings, and NotchUp, an outfit that enables companies to pay people to interview for positions. I found both models intriguing, though had a little agita over NotchUp -- I mean, it'd be nice if someone actually wanted to work for your company enough to interview. But thems the realities of our 2.0 world.

Well here's another interesting reality - SnapTalent. Their model is also unique and I want to take a few minutes to tell you about.

In one word: hypertargeting. SnapTalent helps companies find people with precise skills that work for target companies who may or may not currently be in the job market.

About a year ago I worked on a project for a company with 130,000 employees, and their HR team said that the toughest part of their job is trying to get people who are basically content in their current jobs to consider a move. Qualitatively these are valuable people because they are presumably skilled (they're currently employed in their specific specialty,) and they have the capacity to be positive about an employer. That last bit is of enormous value because let's face it, work you can look at many job situations and employers as a collection of wonderful, middling, and lousy things. No job is perfect, and we all know there are good and bad apples at every company who look at a situation and either see opportunity or misery.

Well, with SnapTalent, you get to reach the right people through a precise targeting model that pairs specific recruiting ads to skills and employers. Whether the would be candidates are looking or not! By examining both page content and the IP addresses of surfers, SnapTalent can identify likely prospects and field ads when they visit sites in their recruitment ad network.

This isn't for burger flippers. Surely the bull's eye here is techies, developer types with precise skills and employers or universities that can meet highly specialized needs.

SanpTalent ads are fielded in a widgetlike thing that is easy for publishers to add to pages, so there are few barriers to joining the network and participating in the revshare with the company.

Importantly, the ads are not just little AdSense text things -- you can add photos, video, and actually build them on the platform itself. By adding this sort of rich and engaging content you can dramatically increase noticing value. And noticing value is a big deal in a concept that is aimed at least partly at people who aren't really looking for a new gig.

To reach them, you have to make people WANT to work for you, and rich media can certainly help better convey your company essence than 82 characters in a text link. The other great thing is that there is long term benefit in developing an HR brand.

There's is a CPC model, and the pay to play starts at just $250 for 500 clicks. Real time analytics tell you about your impressions to date and your clicks so you have a sense of who you are attracting, what ads are working, etc.

SnapTalent was funded by Y Combinator, the outfit that helps promising concepts in those earliest stages with money and mentoring.

Reviews from blogs, trad media, and tech employers seems to be VERY good. I'm bullish on these lads and lasses. Maybe they'll expand to the ad biz recruiting business soon!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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