Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SeeThroo Knows...

SeeThroo is a powerful new take on BT. It's a technology "network" that analyzes anonymized content that people post in social media, then uses that info to help ad networks field PRECISELY targeted ads.

SeeThroo is, in my opinion, valuable for advertiser, publisher, network, and consumer. I add in the consumer because no one has entirely cracked the nut of social media monetization, and if that continues, the world of social media will get a lot thinner but quick. Quadrillions of page views are of no value if they constitute an expense to publishers instead of a revenue source.

What I particularly like about the model is the idea that it is analyzing comments rather than views -- comment would seem to indicate a much higher level of involvement and interest,which should make for more effective targeting.

Here's what I mean. If I make a comment about the new Smart Car on a blog or social media page, it's pretty apparent that I have an interest in the car. Contrast that with a "drive-by viewing" of a page on the car -- which I would expect millions of people have made over the past few months, and it's easy to see how their data could offer more predictive information.

By compensating social media sites for their traffic and helping ad networks target better, SeeThroo offers the potential to help lots of players make good money from the unbelievably high level of consumer interest in social.

Only thing I wonder about: since so much social media communication is so personal, how do they anonymize so that multiple points of anonymized data can't be cumed into PII? What I mean is, with enough non PII data points of a personal nature, identity can be deduced. Therefore, personal info has to be screened and shaped so that identity is not apparent. THAT'S serious engineering, so I applaud them in their efforts and results.

BTW, note the suffix, www.seethroo.US

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