Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RYZ: Shoe 2.0

OK, so I am 44 and not particularly athletic, so forgive me if ALL of you know about RYZ already, but for those of us using walkers with tennis balls on the feet, RYZ is a premium sports shoe company that offers blank shoes as a tableau for web artists to design on, and the winning designs are put into production.

Here's how they explain it.

Our designs are created by artists, DJs, poets, students, dreamers, doers and other unique individuals like you. But that doesn't stop them from achieving design immortality – or sharing in the profit, each winner receives $1000 + $1 for every pair we sell online.

We'll post the design entries online and let our community decide what’s hot and what’s not. The design that receives the most votes wins. It’s produced and sold to adoring fans from around the world. Bragging rights and a share of the profits included.

Yes, this is a popularity contest – and like all democracies, participation is important. So download your template, create your design, then tell everybody you know to vote early and often. And may you RYZ to the occasion.

This of course makes RYZ the quintessential new media company because it does not presume to tell you want to wear but rather takes its design lead from the community.

And the designs are nothing short of remarkable.

Naturally, the endorsement of a 44 year old decidedly uncool blogger will destroy its chances of winning, but am I the only one who would be Deelighted to have a pair of piano mans?

So, people submit designs and then the public votes, selecting the designs it wants produced. And voila, RYZ cranks them out. Now how cool is that?

Go to the store and check out kicking television, the test pattern shoe.

Shoes that RYZ to the occasion. Sure beats a walker with tennis balls.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.


  1. Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the note. The Warhawk shoe is in stock now.

    Rob Langstaff
    Founder/CEO RYZWEAR.com


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