Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia Attacking Georgia Internet, Cell Networks!

Wired has reported that Google and Estonia are helping Georgia get out the turth about the Russian invasion, in answer to Russia's permanent cyberattack of Georgian media outlets.

Specifically, Georgia has moved their official communications to Google Blogger. Says the piece:

"In a sense," notes Jim Stogdill, "they must be saying 'we can't keep our sites up, but we don't think [Russian hackers] can take down Blogspot, given Google's much better infrastructure and ability to defend it.'"


Meanwhile, Estonia (once the victim of Russian-based hackers) is now hosting Georgia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. And "in a historic first, Estonia is sending cyberdefense advisors to Georgia," Network World observes.

Apparently, Georgian cell networks are also under attack.

Teo Azerbaijani media outlets friendly to Georgia are reporting that they are under attack as well, and there are reports that hackers friendly to the Georgian cause are attacking Russian sites in retaliation.

Wow. The war of the 1s and 0s. It's here. We'll see if Putin can shut down OLDMTA!

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