Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Redmond Free PCs

The world of Linux is not one I follow to closely, but IBM's "Microsoft PC" initiatives which surfaced at last week's Linux World, is worth a post. The company is attempting to break MSFT's lock on desktops with a partnership involving RedHat, Cononical, and Novell.

From ARS Technica:

IBM hopes that disillusionment with Vista and uncertainty about Microsoft's long-term roadmap will create an opening for Linux to emerge as a stronger contender in the desktop market. The Linux and Lotus bundle will give consumers a low-cost desktop productivity option that is built around open standards from the ground up.

IBM's Jeff Smith describes the desktop as "one of the last bastions of proprietary technology" and notes that it is "disproportionately dominated by one vendor."

He says that IBM aims to change that and he believes "bring[ing] openness and choice to the client and desktop side of the [IT] environment is one of the next things to explode in the march for Linux."

Of course, what this REALLY is is an effort to restore Lotus Notes to relevance, and I think that is a great idea because one player in PC desktop software isn't enough for such a critical environment.

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