Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Print Your Photobucket Snaps At Target

Photobucket and Target have inked a deal to offer printing services whereby web users can print and pick up their pics at Target.

This is the third deal that Target has, as they also offering printing services with Shutterfly and Kodak Gallery (nee Ofoto.com.)

This seems a very sharp strategy to me for both target and Photobucket. For Target, these partnerships enable them to monetize the web without having to build their own photo sharing community online. They can simply act as a service improvement to massive existing photo services. And to Photobucket, it offers a way to make money AND get photos into people's hands far faster than through the mail. I've used Target to print some Kodak Gallery photos and found the service excellent. And while Kodak Gallery has always offered shipping services that rival the speed of lightning, the target offering was even faster.

Win Win.

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