Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pigs CAN Fly!!!

From the Wonderful people at ValleyWag:

120 technology brands tracked by Covario, a search-engine marketing firm, including Adobe, Lenovo and Intel, increased their spending on Yahoo search ads from the second quarter to the first, and decreased their spending on Google. Yahoo ads got 14.3 percent of their budgets — up from 10.3 percent. Google's take decreased from 85.6 to 81.2 percent. It's the first time Yahoo won market share from Google among Covario's clients since the first quarter of 2007, reports the Wall Street Journal. Yahoo says it's gaining share because Panama's improvements mean advertisers are starting to get more for less, which encourages them to spend more. Covario VP Craig McDonald guesses that Yahoo is benefiting from combining its display and advertising sales teams. Either way, since Yahoo will soon outsource much of its search-advertising sales to Google, Google wins even when its losing.

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