Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NBC's Online Olympic Ad Take: <$6MM

According to Mashable and WSJ, NBC's online video take is expected to be <$6MM. The estimate, sourced to eMarketer is widely reported to be rather small given the amount they expect to earn on TV and the $900MM NBC paid for the broadcast and online rights in the US.

But was it a lack of consumer interest, or NBC's choices that drove a smaller than expected take?

Here's what the WSJ said on that topic:

NBC limited its potential for ad revenue in a number of ways, industry analysts say. To provide a measure of exclusivity for its TV advertisers, it chose not to make available live video for some of the Games' highest-profile events. The network failed to distribute its videos widely on other sites, which would have boosted its audience.

Is $6MM actually a small number? All signs point to yes. CBS raked in $23MM for March Madness, according to the same Journal piece.

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