Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mobile Video's American Idol Moment

We all know how SMS voting on that first season of Idol got us started texting. Well, apparently NBC's decision to put 2200 hours of video online is paying big dividends for mobile video trial in the US. Check out this excerpt from ARS Technica:

Now that the games have started, NBC says that roughly 494,506 people requested content on their phones on Sunday and 476,062 on Monday—relatively small numbers when compared to the millions that are watching on the TV. The interesting part, though, is that it's the first time that about half of those users have ever tried to access video on their mobile devices. "To some extent, the Olympics are beginning to influence how people use new technology," NBC Universal research president Alan Wurtzel told the Associated Press.

The article later points to this NBC PDF which outlines the incredibly high usage of the online

Since this is the first truly webbed Olympics, these figures are pretty damned impressive. Naturally, it helps that the events are occurring NOT at a convenient time for TV viewership, so if you wanna see em you gotta go digital. Making inconvenience into a driver of new media usage is a great idea -- the classic example of that Dilbertism - it's not a defect, it's a FEATURE!

All kidding aside, NBC has clearly got a lot of vision for digitaland using this sort of must-see TV to drive it is a great strategy.

Bravo, peacock!

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