Monday, August 4, 2008

The Miracle That Is Xobni

I am not a negative blogger, so hearing praise for a product isn't unusual here. And neither is hearing about Xobni, the email application add-on that is like having the most organized personal assistant on the planet by your side.

But I rarely call products miracles. And Xobni is one. OMG is this thing cool. It makes life 5000% easier -- OK, OK, email life -- by tracking contacts, conversations, and attachments and providing fascinating stats about your contacts as well. It's an Outlook add-on that means you will never spend 13 minutes searching for an attachment again, among many other blessed gifts of functionality.

And the MF-in thing is free as in gratis. My gift to you this AM is the link to download the miracle that is Xobni. The instant you do it you will be sending good karma to me for prodding you to do so.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.


  1. I love this post Jim. I read it out loud to my office mates this morning. Thanks for spreading the good word.

    Matt Brezina
    Co-founder, Xobni

  2. Thanks Matt, I'll be watching for future improvements. Keep doing what yer doing!


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