Thursday, August 14, 2008

Microsoft Takes on Vista CW

Have you seen the minisite

The idea behind it is that Microsoft recognizes that Vista is perhaps the most maligned piece of software in recent history. But that people's negative preconceptions can be combatted with actual time spent using Vista.

So, like a Folger's Crystals commercials of yesteryear,

they tell people they are being chosen to test Windows Mojave, when they are actually given a copy of Vista.

And of course they LOVE it immensely.

It's a well executed site and campaign, and a tried and true advertising idea. Will it work? Well, it's gonna take time. There's a difference between spending hundreds on an OS and $2 for a jar of instant joe. But they had to do something, and this is emphatically something.

And BTW, I LIKE Vista. It's not perfect, but it's pretty nice in my view.

And BTW, campaigns like this tend to get spoofed.

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