Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Not Monkeys, It's Dogs

You know that probability mindtwister about how monkeys in a room could randomly clack at keys and generate Hamlet with enough time? That randomness can sometimes generate seemingly unrandom things?

Well, it's not monkeys, its dogs. Or rather dog. True story, the most photogenic dog in the world, my Sleepy Sleepington,

stepped on my laptop which has Yahoo as a homepage. As should all laptops, I might add. But anyway, as near as I can tell, he stepped on Fre (one paw step would do it) and when the Yahoo Panama drop down opened he somehow clicked on, which brought the computer to a community site for Ozzy Osbourne. He jumped at the screen change, and now my backslash key sticks, but it was remarkable nonetheless.

Now, truth be told, I hate Osbourne's music, but the site was really interesting because it showed how community has become an integral part of the music business. the same business that earlier in the past decade was suing college kids for file sharing. This is a fan site, but the writing is clearly on the screen, err, wall.

The site has a primitive feel to it, but the structure and content really say a lot about how digit heads have changed even the nether cultural recesses of dreadful music.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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  1. Sleepy clearly has a future in the digital space. He accesses information with a simple flick of the paw. When does his blog get up and running?


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