Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is The Onion a City Search Killer?

Well, not exactly, but their new site,, is out to grab a hefty chunk of the local search business. If you ever read the print version of The Onion, you know that local restaurant and entertainment advertiser is its lifeblood. It's only natural, then, that they would create their own local search sites centered around these same categories.

Tech Crunch says:

Decider will be facing off with a number of sites, including CitySearch and Yelp, which both have large established user bases that will be hard to compete with. That said, Decider isn’t serving as a standalone business, and will do just fine as an extension to The Onion’s newspaper.

I find the site gorgeous, inviting and clean, and the content (all 2.5 reviews I read ;-)) well written. Going up against City Search and Yelp may not prove easy, but since The Onion already has established relationships with many local businesses, driving ad revenue may be easier than we might expect.

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