Monday, August 18, 2008

iPhone App Ad Networks: Post 4 Medialets

A key part of the differentiating message of Medialets is that they develop creative experiences that enhance consumer experience rather than offering up ad formats people tolerate to get their free app.
This is what ReadWriteWeb had to say about this aspect of their business:

Medialets is being careful to make sure that their advertisements don't mar the otherwise unique and innovative user experience of the iPhone. While developers don't necessarily need to have their apps approved to work with Meidalets, the company will help them design ads that remain unique and beautiful, too. Medialets provides a supportive developer community and will offer demos and code examples for the developers to use.

What makes this level of creativity and customization possible is their team, which they report has members who have been working with the iPhone OS since its beginnings at NeXT twenty years ago.

That's a long time, indeed.

My inference here is that this custom approach is aimed at the inevitable convergence between content and brands. That this offering can cover much deeper consumer experiences and interactions than just text ads or banners. The benefit of this approach is that they can focus sales efforts on innovator advertisers, who likely have a greater predispostion to try things now. The drawback might be that some advertisers will find the custom idea too much work. This is the classic push me pull you of digital marketing right now -- I want deep, broad reach, and easy.

Fortunately, they are offering a development team that can make the process of developing such apps easy for the agency. That's absolutely essential with this model.

With the deeper kinds of interactions they offer, it's important to have a solid reporting and analytics platform, and their site outlines this in some detail. That'll make agency learning curves shorter, and potentially provide the sort of case studies that can get them real publicity and sales traction.

Deep experience may also broaden the appeal of this ad channel from primarily
geographically sensitive advertisers to more national and global brands with bigger budgets and comprehensive brand goals.

Anyway. What is clear is that Medialets is quite different from other offerings, and that difference may well be relevant for you.

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