Monday, August 18, 2008

iPhone App Ad Networks: Post 3 Pinch Media

Offering a broader range of ad units than AppLoop, Pinch Media uses the JumpTap mobile ad platform to field ads

Their search offering uses an auction based ad system just like Google AdWords, so the highest bid gets the placement. One advantage over Google's operation, though, is that geotargeting is based upon actual versus surmised location. Their text ads are sold CPC, which is really the most sensible way to do so because that is what the market wants and expects.

The graphic ads use standard mobile banner and interstitial sizes, which makes sense given that advertisers do NOT need another creative loop to jump through. because their offering is iPhone specific, the creative specs will offer a bit more creative freedom than mobile campaigns developed for the lowest common denominator phone. Graphical ads are sold CPM, which lets them charge more for more immersive or intrusive experiences.

These guys have resources from a variety of sources:

Pinch Media’s seed funding comes from Union Square Ventures, First Round Capital, and several strategic angels - Dave Morgan, Jerry Neumann, Mike Yavonditte, and Sharkey Goldstein Capital.

The reporting isn't outlined on their site, but presumably it offers the expected metrics -- after all it's on the Jumptap platform.

Obviously a more robust solution than AppLoop, Pinch Media clearly has the money and platform to make a serious run for this market. They feature dozens of apps on their site, so their developer acceptance must be pretty strong thus far.

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