Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm a Biancalana Booster!

Magnificent news for a branding and design agency called Anthem in SF. One of my favorite people, Barbara Biancalana, has joined their team on the Safeway account. Anthem is rather lucky to have her, in my biased opinion.

Way back when I was relatively new in the business, I reported to someone who reported to Barb -- don't make age assumptions based upon the chronology, she was but 3 years old at the time -- and she was already setting the world on fire. She was Management Supervisor on the Quaker account, and what I loved about her -- well, it's a rather long list, but some of the highlights include:

Strategic leadership
Team building
Relationship building
Biz Dev
Development of people
Creating an enjoyable and fun environment

Not a bad list of highlights, eeh? She's a smartie-- so bright that she gets a single account from a client and within a couple of years there are a dozen accounts under her watch -- there because clients see that she gets it and gets what they need and -- here's the best bit -- empowers her team to provide it.

Barb, who has no idea that I am writing this public fan letter, tells me that she is lucky to be joining Anthem, which is a rapidly growing branding and design consultancy that has done some amazing work for a variety of companies. I am not a follower of that space, but did a little checking and these folks know their stuff boy oh boy do they -- they do simply breathtaking identity work, and lovely packages that fill my cupboards. What makes Anthem different is they are integrated -- meaning they offer branding and design work plus the necessary production expertise to make it all happen. Anyway, a shout out to Barb, Anthem, and the fine people at Safeway who, by the way, make the world's best frozen pasta entrees, along with about 943,000 other things.

I am certain ya'll are gonna love each other a whole bunch.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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