Monday, August 25, 2008

GOGOInflight Debuts To Good Reviews

I have been poking around online for reviews of the new in plane WIFI service from Aircell's GoGoInflight. Generally the reviews are very positive. Some have had a little difficulty making VOIP calls, but other than that folks seem to be very satisfied with the download and upload speeds, etc. A couple of things do seem evident -- the more users there are on your plane, the slower the downloads are, and the download and upload speeds are adjusted based upon the demands of your Internet activity. Bandwidth hogs get their connections slowed down.

American is offering the service on its entire 767 fleet, while Virgin and Delta are expected to be online shortly. Delta has stated its intention to offer the serice on every plane in 2009.

Costs are about the same as for hotel Internet -- $12.95 for flights >3 hours, $9.95 for flights under three. So, a bit more reasonable than I expected it to be -- this is a pricepoint that is going to drive broad based adoption.

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