Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FCC Thunder for Comcast! Yeouch!

Well, the FCC has formally issued its order to Comcast, coming down hard on their clandestine slowing of P2P traffic. The document contains pretty strong language for a government missive.

This post from ARS Technica shows that the FCC is pretty well aligned with the net neutrality movement. Here's an excerpt:

"We invite Free Press [a complainant in the case] and other members of the public to keep a watchful eye on Comcast as it carries out this relief," the Commission concludes. "Using the information provided by Comcast, pursuant to this Order, as well as information submitted by the public, we will closely monitor the company's network management practices."

The FCC formally rejected both Comcast's view of what happened AND their insistence that the FCC lacked the authority to govern this action.

I for one am surprised that a GOP led FCC would come down this hard on a big ISP.

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